JustChicas­™ Heating Pads


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Built in automatic temperature control device.
3 size option, compact, lightweight, easy to use.
Waterproof design, just need a rag to wipe and clean it.
No need to take off your shoes, just put your feet on the pad.
Adopted carbon crystal material, rapid heating, no radiation, has a good therapeutic effect.
Warm pad heating quickly, immediately feel fever, temperature can be controlled through adjustment.


Color: Brown
Gender: Unisex
Material: Carbon Crystal + Leather
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Power: 60W / 80W / 120W
Heating Temp: 45 - 60℃ / 113 - 140℉
Heating Rate: 3-5s
Heating Method: Far Infrared
Thermostat: 9 Level Adjust
Thickness: 5mm / 0.20'' (appr.)
Size 1: 50 x 30 cm / 19.69'' x 11.81'' (appr.)
Size 2: 50 x 55 cm / 19.69'' x 21.65'' (appr.)
Size 3: 50 x 80 cm / 19.69'' x 31.50'' (appr.)
Cable Plug: China National Standard Plug (we will send you the suitable adapter according to your location)

Package Content:

1 x Heating Foot Mat